Cheetham Salt Review


was made redundant on june 19th 2009, they claimed that i was not as experienced as the 3 workmen that had been employed after me, 1 of the men was, .the other two were only as equal as i, , 1 having a truck licience the same as me, the other having done along side me 50* hours on excavator, , 50* hours on traxcavator my truck drivng requiring my time i had only so far completed 10 hours of loader exp, one week before i was made redundant they pushed thru the latter workmate to getting his operators tickets, , after which we had signed up together the same day the same interview, and had been told we would get our tickets when we had both completed our hours of training .i had worked alongside and with the company 2 years prior to my actual employment within the said company,

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