Chevron and Texaco Business Card Services Review


I agree with the person above! I desperately need to switch our gas card from the Chevron/Texaco MasterCard. They are such a ripoff. You don’t get your statement in the mail until about a week and a half before it is due, and you have to mail the check to Norcross, GA. From Los Angeles, this takes a long time. If you pay online, it takes at least 2 days to post, if not more! Paying by phone also takes a day. And if you don’t meet all of this, they will charge a $75 late fee + 9.99% finance charge. It is ridiculous. My last due date was this past Sunday. I wanted to pay it online on Friday, but it wouldn’t post til Monday, so I called up, and they said it would still have charged a late fee (even though I was essentially paying 2 days early). I then asked if I paid by phone if it would post on time, and she said no, and I had to explain that that was not fair, and wait on hold to see if she could get a hold on the late fee. Not to mention a $10.00 pay by phone fee. And also, the online interface is AWFUL! Does anyone know of any fleet cards that are actually fair?! I would like to switch ASAP. The only good thing about this card was that I didn’t need to go to a Chevron or Texaco, and I had the option of using it in the convenience store and even a 7-11, strangely enough.

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