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This Company is operating in many cities across the US but they all roll up under Dallas Singles. My local “chapter” is called Michigan Avenue Singles. As a busy professional, this dating service touted itself as exclusive and personalized matchmaking services that only catered to high income, professionally screened individuals that they supposedly put through extensive background checks. They also promise that the monthly fees you pay will be used towards weekly singles events that give you the opportunity to meet individuals face to face in different settings (happy hours, cruises, meet and greets, etc). | After four months of membership it is painful obvious this service is an outdated, desperate scam in today’s world of online dating. The database/website itself was built in the 1990’s and has not seen a technology upgrade in years. The ratio of women to men appears to be 5:1 in my area. The handful of “matches” I received were complete creeps and socially inept losers who couldn’t tell you the definition of a professional. I feel like an utter fool for being taken in by this service. One date I went on the guy turned out to be a recovering alcoholic who kept trying to get me to drink and once I had half of a cocktail he wouldn’t take his hands off me. Then he proceeded to tell me that he hadn’t paid his membership dues in a couple years but they never deactivated him so he keeps searching the database for free. When I complained about him, lo and behold his profile disappeared but I promise you they kept him in there because they needed him due to the overall lack of men in total until I complained. Now they claim they have no idea who he was and I must be making it up. | As for the “events”…not a single one in four months. Zero, zilch, nothing. What are they spending our membership fees on? I mean come on! It’s summer in a major metropolis and they can’t get a beach excursion or a trip to the park together? | After all this frustration I decided to end my relationship with them and attempted to speak to management and have a civilized conversation that I hoped would at least result in a partial refund. They refuse to work with me. I’ve had a single phone call from someone at the Director level in Ohio that was nothing short of defensive and hostile. It was obvious within a couple minutes that this employee is trained down to specific verbiage that sticks exactly to a legally approved script. Nobody cares that I spent thousands of dollars on services that have never been delivered and that they now have an upset member who is set to take legal action. But why should they? They are used to this and they desperately need whatever money they can hang on to in order to keep the ship afloat. | Luckily, I was able to dispute some of the charges with my bank but I’m still out about half of what I’ve spent until I get progress with the states attorneys office. | If I can prevent one person from being duped by these guys then its worth it. If you come across them and entertain joining, do your research first. There have been many complaints filed in several states from former members and there’s even an article in a Dallas publication about their predatory practices. Don’t sign a thing in haste! The fine print in the contract should be illegal.

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