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The scam artist, Connie Hu said she worked for the Beijing Vantone Foundation as the Executive Assistant President of International Operations at Beijing Vantone Foundation and also a Professional projects funding specialist. She said she needed the help of a personal assistant to work with her remotely to help her on her philanthropic activities. She said that I would be paid $500 per week and I would receive full benefits. She said she would be sending me a check and from that amount I would buy presents for orphans and take out the $500 to pay me for my first week of work. She first said she would send me the check latest Tuesday when nothing came in the mail and I asked her what was going on she apologized and said she was testing me to see that I’m up for the task. That was another huge red flag and I thought it was a scam she said she was going to send the check right away on Thursday and I should receive it by Friday. I immediately told her on Thursday morning early that I resigned from this position and I don’t know who she is and I would like her to stop contacting me. Later that evening on Thursday I saw that I had received a check for $3,982 and immediately I saw her contacting me via text and via email to deposit the check and send her a picture of the deposit slip. The way she was so adamant about it made me know something was wrong because I already said that I wanted to resign the position. Most employers back off but the desperation she was exhibiting was a dead give away something was wrong. I got a call from the number she listed and it was a man’s voice, definitely did not seem like the woman "Connie" was trying to portray herself as. I sent her text that I wanted her to stop contacting me and that I didn’t know who she is and I had no intention of cashing the check and since then she has ceased contacting me. 

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