CHRIS MOBILE MECHANIC CHRISTOPHER ALLAN COMPLETE RIP OFF ARTIST LEFT MY GAS TANK ON GROUND FOR THREE AFTER GETTING PAID NEPTUNE New Jersey!!. Called Chris Allan of “Chris Mobile Mechanics” my car would not start he told me i needed a fuel pump after dropping the tank and leaving it under my car for three months i called and text him every day he assured me that he would be there every time i called.Everyday he had a different excuse from family problems to rain, he had a million excuses i paid him for parts and labor over $550 never came back to finish the JOB. I had to have the car towed to another mechanic who told me that the problem he said was wrong with my car the fuel pump was not the problem.This Chris is nothing but a dirt bag i see this is his MO since there are numerous complaints on the net of him takeing money and never finishing the job WHAT KIND OF GUY DOES THAT HE DID IT TOO A 75 YEAR OLD COUPLE—————-DONE USE HIS COMPANY HE IS A RIPOFF——–

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