City Teacups


I was searching for teacups or tiny teacup maltese. There are other breeds of dogs on the site also. I called and emailed the number and site. My intent was to purchase two puppies. The name that was given was Andrew Zimmer when he sent my invoice and replied to my email. He told me to use Zelle to make the payment, which was suppose to be $1,000.00. However, I was only able to send $500.00 on that one day. I had anticipated sending the balance the next day, but he never answered any calls or emails after that because I had asked him to take a pic of the two dogs that I wanted with a card beside them with my name written on it. That never happened and I never heard from him again. I never received a puppy.I was to use [email protected] for the Zelle paymentThis is how I sent the $500.00.

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