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claremont Toyota Bijan Sleazy used car dealers. Cheap and do not represent Toyota’s brand Claremont CA California!!. I have never had to deal with a dealership that is like Claremont Toyota. I have bought from many others. Honda, Ford, Audi Mercedes lamborghini Ferrari etc… and never have I had to leave with anything less than a full tank, and in addition not oem tires as Bridgestone or pirreli that came with the car. Instead some cheap Chineseu2019s 25 dollar tire that will put my son at risk on the road and in addition only one key. All I know you guys reprogrammed it and sold my key it. Also btw I havenu2019t received a registration yet and itu2019s been over 3 weeks. They now want to charge me almost 500 dollars for a key and are saying they are doing me a favor and charging me 225 dollars. These guys are worst than the small sleazy corner used care dealership. Theyt are gready and cut corners just to maka few bucks. Don’t ming putting their customer at risk when they drive off on sheap chinese made tires that could burst and cause an accident or worst. I tell you what i would sue the crap out of them. I would own every dealship they own or tie them up in court until they are broke. Very sad. 1) didn’t want to give me gas so I could get on the road. Finally after I complained they gave me 20 dollars of gas 2) Cheap chinese tires on the car which is a major hazard 3) Only deliver the car with one key

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