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Tennessee investigator HOT ON THE TRAIL of “Blue” Hill AKA “Colt Ledger”/ Vickery/ M.R. COX INC. / Marty Lisle | What is worse in this world than a scammer that takes his feast on the down trodden? Or a thief that steals from the poor and needy? | I contend to you there is nothing lower or more scammish than Henry Blue Hill AKA Colt Ledger, JW Vickery and their HOTFROG website. | First of all, anyone who does any investigation on this crook of a “fake investigator” will find he proudly admits his hero was the leadership from former Promoting oil and gas companies he worked for and was a co owner of ( MR COX INC.) See his quote in attached photo. Yet now, after he made a living doing the same thing he now condemns, he has had a change of heart?!? Our investigation says otherwise. Henry Hill (allegedly) left the industry of Oil and Gas promotion with a small fortune (tail tucked between his legs as a failure) yet all his income paid to him off the backs of the very down trodden investors he now claims to protect. But note this “protection” comes only AFTER he gets more money out of these poor people. What a shame you are Henry Blue Hill! | Next, see how he plays the fake investigator to steal from the down trodden. As a Investigator in the business will tell you, his investigations are cut and paste to pump his internet viewings online with clickbait type showcasing and made up investigatory websites to make him appear professional. This, in our investigation of merely 10 of these companies, is made up slander to then turn a profit for Hill by finding disgruntled investors, whom he then takes to the woodshed for more money. JUST LIKE BACK IN HIS OLE MONEY RASING DAYS! Some people never change. I give you… Henry Hill –Colt “crook” Ledger. | This is very similar to the Duke Lacrosse rape case, where false accusations marred the lives of young men, who weren’t guilty of a crime, for many, many years. Henry claims these companies, he simply pulls off online searches, mostly of companies who have filed Regulation D Exemptions: are under “preliminary investigation” without actually being involved with the alleged on any investigation or contacting anyone regarding the matters he raises. In other words, he lies to build a story to sell. Creates fake investigations and 99% never amount to anything they are total shams – yet he still gets paid. Well, sorta like the ole money RAISING days for Henry Hill, but at least then he disclosed the risk of total loss of investment…or did he? We’d hate to hear of fraud allegations regarding Hills old days on the telephone, but that’s to come later for the Feds. Funny thing is now the regulators – who are here to help people from fraudsters like Hill and his side kick Vickery-wont even take his complaints anymore. They’ve figured out he is a fraud. A sham, a total scammer. | I would contend to you, nothing is more evil than falsely accusing someone of a crime for money or fame. This is how Henry Hill makes his living. | Lastly, is this braggadocio of Hills and Vickery regarding the Supreme Court matter. And what does this really prove? Nothing. To beat Hill is easy, just take him to trial and watch them crumble with his fake investigations! That group of backwoods court room clergy ruled regarding a TEMP REST ORDER? This is laughable. This meant nothing, I can assure all. This means he can continue on until trial – that’s all. He simply will be taken to trial. And he will be beaten because regardless of his “aggressive tactics” he slanders companies who are not proven guilty of a crime amongst other things (like Hill being investigated by the Tennessee ATTORNEY GENERAL as well as being reprimanded for working as a PI without a license see attached for both) | Hill can be assured of this, when the companies get together the class action and come after you, you won’t have the money to fight the things you slanderously posted. There will be many spectators that you’ve promised to get money for watching when you go down. | You’ll spend your commission raised monies (from your Money raising days) defending yourself from such illegal acts; i.e. you’ll be looking over your legal shoulder for years to come – sorta like in your money raising days! Remember those Hill? Or should I call you Ledger? Are you in San Antonio now, or Kentucky? Perhaps Tennessee… You know criminals are known for using AKA’s and moving around a lot to hide their criminal doings. | Good luck looking over that shoulder Ledger, oops, I mean Hill. | Proof of Henry “Blue” Hill’s prior OWNERSHIP in an oil and gas company by the name of M.R. COX:

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