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I have been very disappointed with this company for years. I believe they have over charged me for my car Loan. The individuals that work there are very rude, disrespectful and they are dishonoring the company. When the market had crashed I lost a lot of income. I was unable to Pay the $500 pretty month car payment. I requested on several occasions for Condor capital to help me out with redoing my loan and they refused. At that time I only owed about $6000. They advised me to just pay my loan off and that”s all they can advise me to do. They were not willing to work with me at all. I was always told that if I couldn”t pay my loan then just turn my car in. At that time that was my only means of transportation. I was making payments when I had the money available. I received threatening phone calls saying they were going to repossess my car if I didn”t make a full payment. After a year of this threatening phone calls, I decided to tell them to just come get the car. I didn”t deserve to have to go through all of this for a car. After 3 years they still have yet to come get the car.

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