ConServe Complaint


A man named marcus called me from Conserve and told me that he could help get me student loans out of default in six weeks with a loan consolidaton. He even said that they could roll in another student loan that i had so it would all be one loan and one payment. he sent me the forms via UPS with a return envelope enclosed told me to tell the other credit bureau that i was talking to to call Conserve and he would get the debt they were trying to collect rolled into the loan. i should have known it was a scam, but i was/am destitute and just trying to survive. So i filled out all the forms with all my important information and sent them back. the loan forms were copies of the ones i had signed when i originally got my student loans. since then i have not heard anything from Marcus or his company and my attempts to contact him are fruitless. Everytime i call he is out or on the phone with someone else. I never got my consolidation loan and now someone has all of my information and who knows what they are using it for.

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