Consumer Rights Defenders Review


Help with saving my home is what was intended. I should have known right from the begining the very first conversation, because the person was outright RUDE, but I was in a desparate situation, I needed help and I needed someone who understood the issue at hand and would be able to handle the issue. Partially MY FAULT, when someone one once told me…nobody out there cares…nobody is going to help you…I imediately would stop…and PRAY that the world the world I live in…isn’t like that | I spoke with a intellectual man…again he must of said that three or four times in our second conversation…as I kept saying…why does he feel he has to say that to me…I did explain to him that I knew of him…I knew of his opinions and experience so I felt I was in good hands…to say the least or most…I FELT RELIEVED to be speaking to him about my issue | the issue was the bank got a writ of possession on my house…the sheriff had come to give us a five day to vacate…I needed help in a bad way…being disabled and a caretaker of a disbaled with no family to turn to we would only hav ethe streets to move to…I could get into the ‘contract’, but there really wasn’t one…no meeting os the minds…he didn’t give me instructions…didn’t tell me anything except it being Friday, he was no going to be working over the weekend, and I would have to wait until Tuesday, Remeber Writ of Possession, they are coming to take MY HOUSE…I have no where to go, I din’t want to go where I was going in my mind but I was seeing soemthing very similar to the situation,a situation from years ago, when The Banks were taking people’s houses like it was kids in a candy store, because that’s when all these companies sprang up…Loan modification Companies who could save your home, YES I got caught up in those people’s also, but I was hoiping this was different. IT WASN’T NOT, he couldn’t understand what I was talking about with regards to my case, Because I am not a lawyer…no law school, yet I was and had just lost to pro se cases in regards to my house. email states what his opinion COULD be, but needed to know more and that I needed to file a ‘Stay’ of the Writ of Possession, and that would cost $895 for them to do that,in money orders, RED FLAG, I have the email stating that exact wording, and that I needed to send him all docs from the cases, cost me $80 plus postage, I tracked the PKG, he had received the PKG the next morning at 10am, but when I emailed that it has been delievered, he emailed back, no mail yet, no delievery, I thought athtw as strange, here I had notice from a third party saying they have received and signed for PKG, I had to call him at close of business and all of a sudden he saw that there was a PKG from UPS on his desk which he had not opened, he wasted an entire day, I was worried sick, scared the Sheriff would becoming in the AM.cause he stated in email the next day that it was going to cost another $673 for them to write the ‘STAY’, but I said I thought that it was agreed in email form that it would cost $895 for this performance, NO now its $673, and I have already spent after bills my monthly income. I WAS to say the least ‘not happy’ | Remember no instructions, no answering of phones, only email, Tuesday came…no word from Consumer Rights Defenders, nothing, I sent an email…no response…I called finally wednesday morning no answer, I don’t remember if I was able to leave a message, but THEY had my call ID, because that’s how they called me back the first night. I sent email first requesting refund, no where does it state no refunds, then I demanded the money, NO RESPONSE, until today,and they stated what I did wrong by not contacting them to find out their opinion on how to handle issue of WRIT. not until TODAY, I demanded my money back again, they sent back email I was EXTORTING them, I can see the headlines now, DISABLED SENIOR extortes money from a Company who’s suppsoe to Communicate, Do not use these people, do it yourself,Google

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