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Received a phone call from Corporate Event Solutions (CES) sales representative on 20 Dec 2018. Sales rep Victor Manuel said he could rent out my bonus/getaway weeks with Interval International (II) for me at a minimal cost. CES sells you on the idea of making a decent profit on weeks you sell them through Interval or RCI. I was told by Victor that my 3 bonus/getaway weeks would be rented out within 180 days guaranteed. After all, they are in Florida and have tons of corporate events coming though and these people need places to stay. Unfortunately, I believed him and I signed up, spending almost & 036;1100. | After going living through the story below I called Interval International to see if they work with CES and they said that it illegal for a secondary vendor to rent my getaway weeks. Then I checked with RCI exchanged and they have Corporate Event Solutions listed on their web page as a “scam”. These people are predators taking advantage of hard working people. I am hopeful that I can get a refund and CES gets shut down. | Here’s what happened: The rental requests CES has been sending me are less than 45 days from when you receive them, which make it nearly impossible to match their “clients” request. Every request they sent me was unable to be booked, all but for one, I found a suitable resort within 1-3 miles of their requested resort. However, the CES "client" refused the alternatives each time. | After 9 months with CES, I have received about 5 offers to rent my property, none of which worked out. I complained about not renting my property within the first 180 days and Niki at CES said I would be put on preferred status so I could get my timeshare rented ASAP. The last request on I received this month (Aug) was perfect. The resort was available but then CES said their “client” declined the rental because they needed to change their dates. I might have believed this if this wasn’t a recurring complaint regarding CES’s practices. Somehow, all leads turn to dust with CES and yet again, I was left with nothing. | After calling again, a new rep at CES, Conner said he would put me on preferred status so I could get a rental. I said Niki already did that months ago so I knew they were giving me the runaround. I let him know I was frustrated and wanted my money refunded. I stated that CES promised me I would have a rental within 180 days and they failed to meet that promise. Conner said CES could not refund my money because I only had 10 days to ask for a refund. Now that is just ridiculous. Please don’t get caught up in this.

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