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Complaint: Hamden Dodge refused to take ownership or split cost on a Vehicle that has a warranty on the engine. The sold me a Vehicle @ 4300 miles which never had an oil change. I paid my brother to give me oil changes whom ripped me off as well and he never changed the oil so, when I brought the car to Dodge thinking this would be my 6th oil change I found it to be the first ever on the Vehicle coming from the manufacture. It’s documented that the engine on the 2004 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 if it miss 1 oil change it will lead to engine damage. Therefore prior to the car being sold to me the warranty was invalid on “Hampden Dodge”” behalf and they are unwilling to work with me and I am spending monies on a car note and rental on a car I can not drive. I can not continue to do this fincially much longer. Chrysler is unwilling to assist me and the representatives that have assist me have been very rude for the most part. Sonja a. SPRINGFIELD

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Phone: [email protected] Springfield, Massachusetts U.S.A.

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