Dart Pros San Antonio Texas Review


Placed an order on-line on 3/10/03 for darts and supplies. Received an email stating they had received & processed my order within minutes. The email states allow 5-15 working days to process order & that you can view the status of your order on-line. After 5 days I saw that my order had not been shipped, it just said “Reviewed”” (Which to them means

entered into the system). nI tried to politely contact with a return email asking the status of the order & if anything was on backorder. I received no response. I emailed again a few days later

still with no response. nSo I finally picked up the phone

dialed the number on the website & SURPRISE… there was no answer! The number just rings 10-15 times & then the line goes dead. I tried calling several times for the next few days with the same results. nI have also tried to contact via fax & their website comment form. I have still not received a response in any way. To my knowledge all of my emails

fax & comment form went through with no problems. nI researched the company on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Turns out they have multiple complaints regarding sales and delivery of products. The phone numbers listed with the BBB are both disconnected. The address on DartPros website is just a PO Box. The address listed with the BBB is the one I have used here at “”ripoffscamss.com“”. nThis company appears to be COMPLETELY FRAUDULANT. If I lived in California

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