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Complaint: Save yourself the time, energy & money by going with any other attorney.I hired them in April of 2017 because someone rear ended me and I was injured – They still have not finished “working”” on my claim and it has been over a year. They constantly forget what we talked about and forget where we are in the process. If I ask for help or a status update they take 2-3 weeks just to respond to my email. In addition to taking 33% of your settlement they also have a shady way of inflating their fees. If you have good insurance like I do

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Address: what Olan Law will end up doing is adding your insurance companies MedPay to their overall calculation of what they “”earned”” for you. By lumping that extra money (in my case $5000) into their calculations which then bumps their actual profit up to 43%. Side note:That $5000 has to be paid back to the insurance company by the way. I do finances for a living and their calculations baffled me. Once I pressed them for an explanation I was met with a ton of resistance and a general unwillingness to rewrite their quote. In short

Website: sneaky and slow.”

Phone: they are unprofessional

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