Delta Trucking, Inc.


On March 25th 2019, our employee sent a quote request to Jorge R. Medina SR with Delta Trucking in Miami, FL. Jorge responded with a rate on 3/25/2019, we accepted the rate on 3/25/2019 and sent the orders to Jorge the same day. By COB 3/25/2019 the same orders Jorge accepted, he then confirmed that he could not pull these containers out of the port. | He waited until the very last minute until the port closed to notify anyone of this service failure. His response was “You guys flood the market with bullsh*t. Get a carrier and stick with them. Broker business is garbage”. This tell me he was purposely trying to hurt our company and our customer. Then on 4/1/2019 he sent an email to all carriers in Miami to not work with our company for no reason at all. | We did not do any work with this carrier, nor have any relationship with this carrier at all. Other shippers, manufacturers, distributors, freight forwarders, and brokers need to beware of this carrier. | They will tell you they have capacity to move your cargo, but the cargo never moves causing more problems for you and your customer. Beware Beware Beware!!!!

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