Developers Marketing Group Review


I can’t believe the FTC or DOD hasn’t shut these guys down yet. | Matt Easton who is a convicted felon (multiple felonies!!) was just recently release from Prison. | and is the one calling and convincing innocent people to give Shawn Kojima money to do real estate deals. | And they’ve only every done 1-2 real estate deals over the last 4 years….all of them are Mansions | for Shawn Martin Kojima to live in! | The last time I went by their office 4 of the 6 employees are felons are a not supposed to be | working or taking investments. | Shawn Kojima’s long time and well known Best Friend (they go to the gym and bars together – a lot!) is John Arthur Cluff, | who is also a felon and known registered sex offender. | Criminal Info on John Arthur Cluff | | Criminal Info on Matthew James Easton Theft!!!!!! | | **** I’m not going to stop until this guy in behind bars or not involved with Mr. Kojima | and his scams any more.*** | Here’s more on Matthew James Easton of Utah | | The main conspirators of this scam are Dimitri Golesis of Utah, Michael Kimble of Texas, and Shawn Martin Kojima of Utah. | They operate under the company names of DMG or Developers Marketing Group in Utah. | The websites they use are | | If you have been scammed by these individuals or these companies here what you need to do now. | 1) call your credit card company today and tell them you want to do a "Chargeback" They can reverse | the charges and get your money back. | 2) Contact the Utah Attorney Generals office – They already have an investigation under way and since it has | already started you need to contact "The Special Investigations Public Corruption Unit" | Here is a | 3) Here’s how to contact the FBI investigator interested in information about Mattew James Easton, John Arthur Cluff, and | Brooks (we are currently seeking info on a sales person named Brooks who may be part of this fraud)

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