Did a terrible servicing of my car


A car must undergo servicing from time to time for it to run smoothly. When I bought my car, I was advised to get the car checked annually. I had got the car serviced a few months ago and in spite of this, it started having trouble. Like the mechanic who used to check my car now and then was out of town, I decided to go to an authorized BMW service centre. I did not know the location of the place and therefore, decided to search online for nearby BMW’s certified service centres. The nearest one from my place was BMW of Bloomington. I read some reviews, checked the official website and everything seemed to be good online. I tried using the website’s online feature to book an appointment for getting service online but the feature did not seem to work properly. I had to call up the place and get an appointment scheduled. After a few tries, my call was finally picked and my appointment got scheduled for a week later. A week passed and on the date of the appointment, I reached the place with my car on time.
I had to wait outside as the mechanic who was supposed to check my car was not there yet. After waiting for a long period, I was finally called in. The mechanic was not in a chatty mood. I figured this out when I greeted him and he did not respond. I decided to get straight to the point and told him about the problem. He asked me to stand aside and went under the car with his wrench to inspect the insides of my vehicle. It took him some time to come out from below the car. He came and told me that the car’s exhaust pipe had something stuck in it which was causing the abrupt stopping of the car. He told me that the exhaust would need to be replaced with a new one. Although the cost of that particular part was quite high, I decided not to compromise and told him to go ahead and change it. I was told to come and collect the car after a week. I paid the full amount for the repair that very day and returned home. After a week, I went back to collect my car. I was given the keys and when I drove it, it worked perfectly fine. I happily returned, thinking about how I spent the money in the right place. It had not been even a month when the car broke down suddenly. I decided to take it to my mechanic who had returned a few days ago. He checked the car thoroughly and told me that the exhaust pipe was not properly fitted which led to the breaking down. I called BMW of Bloomington to report the mistake of the mechanic. When I asked that when should I bring back the car for another service given the fact that the whole thing was their mistake, I was told that I would be charged again as they did not accept that it was their fault at all.
I, as a customer, would not recommend another customer to go to BMW of Bloomington for even a regular check-up of their vehicle.

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