Direct Air Illinois Review


Worse customer service I have ever encountered. They canceled a flight and were going to move me to another day. They said “We won’t charge you our usual fee.”” Charge me? What? We had an agreement. I held up my end of the bargain. They were changing things on their end. They reasonable response would be to pay me for the additional expense their choice to “”Move planes”” was going to cost me. I asked for a fair turn about. They would charge me $50/ticket to change my tickets

if I was the cause of the change. So i feel it is reasonable for me to receive $50/ticket as they were the cause of the change.Just flat out Nos.In trying to discuss this with the initial people

I asked to talk to a supervisor. They refused

saying they did not want to “”Escalate”” the situation. Talk about loaded words.When asked for a phone number to Corporate

they said there is no such number. Really I said. So your investors can’t call the company. Finally found it on their web site. These people need better training. When I called the Public Relations number (843-916-9700)

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