Direct Star TV, LLC Review


I contacted Direct Star TV via the internet. My mistake as I thought I was dealing direct with Direct TVHoweve the agent who’s name was Michaelseemed helpful andI prceeded and placed an order with them having agreed on the following conditions. 1) It was importnt for me in changing my service that I did not want to be dealing with increased pricing after a 12 month special was over. I explaned that I would rather pay a little more and not have to worry about sudden increases and altering programing to suit my budget. Not a problem according to Michael, they understood and fealt the same way and with the promotional deal he was setting up for me I would be able to log into my account before the 12 month period was up and set everything to carry over and my promotional pricing would be set for the 2nd 12 month period. 2) After our conversation Micheal was going to put all we discussed including the details on maintaining the same pricing in an email so that there was no confusion. Neadless to say I never got the email and as you cannot contact Direct Star unless to place an order I contacted customer Service at Direct TV to explain what had been offered and if the would kindly confirm. What they confirmed was that I had not been informed correctly and that after the 12 month promo was up my billing would replect the large increase in cosI would advise anyone looking at this type of service to avoid 3rd part reellrs like Direct Star and go direct were the info you get will represent the facts. .

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