Terrible “customer service”!!!! Worst ever. | It took EIGHT days to ship one pair of glasses I ordered (and I still don’t have them yet) and the other pair are still not shipped! They stated that the “lab” wanted to make sure the quality is the best ever (or whatever nonsense verbiage they used in their email to me letting me know that it was going to take an additional 5 – 9 days to get the script right). However they already shipped the first pair. So since both pair are for me and the prescriptions are identical, does that mean that the first pair AREN’T going to be the best quality or 100% to my satisfaction? | How can they ship one pair and not the other? Also it took me 3 phone calls, 12 emails and corresponding with 7 different “Supervisors” (I guess everyone who works there in customer “service” are supervisors) before they could even get the script right. All during which they tried to blame me for sending the wrong script. I was even on a 3-way phone call with a rep from discount glasses and the gal from my eye doctor’s office to get it all straightened out before they could accept the orders! | Worst experience ever and I haven’t even received the glasses yet. Apparently they havent even shipped them yet. | I can’t wait to see what I get, considering all the bad reviews on their FaceBook page and on other social media sites. SO disappointed. Will go to more expensive sites to get my future glasses. You get what you pay for.

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