Dollar General Muscle Shoals Alabama Review


I went to Dollar General in Muscle Shoals Alabama to purchase soda they had on sale. I arrived early in morning on the first day of the sale. They advertised six (6) brands of soda. They had one (1) and not a favorite brand (Dr. Pepper). I asked the employee about this and she had no idea why their store would only have one brand out of six advertised. The store had plenty of other brands that were not on sale, so I can only assume they are using “Bait and Switch”” tactics to get you into the store. I contacted their corporate headquarters and they gave the same old song and dance about how their advertising says that not all items may not be at every store. Oh we value you as a customer

but there is nothing we can do….so sorry!! But to have only one of six brands…..unbelievable. Consumers beware

this is not a good company and they do not value you as a customer.”

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