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Complaint: I used to be a part-time designer employee here. As a professional freelancer, I have the right to charge my clients with a fair price. I have connections to the best professionals in the art business, and I have consulted them many times about how much I should charge Douglas on designing a product. The flyers and Powerpoints I was designing were products to be sold in the future. So of course I had to charge what they were worth. I asked him three to four times for a raise, but he played pretend and refused to sign my contracts, commenting that he would “keep his promise on the 12-dollar an hour deal.”” However

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Address: he never kept his promise

Website: and that a comment like that does not apply to me anyway. He is very narrow-minded about women

Phone: and only provided me way less than what I’ve asked for. He then proceeded to tell me that I “”was too expensive for a kid who is using friends and family to argue against him

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