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Complaint: Dr Anthony Katz from Paradise Valley Family Medicine in Phoenix Arizona is terrible, in my opinion. He gave me the creeps from day one. I tried to switch to another Doctor in their clinic, but Dr. Katz would not allow it. I had problems getting him to call me back with test results. Finally, after the 5th try, I demanded to talk with him. He was very upset with the fact that I had insisted on talking to him. After 5 days of calling and no return call, I thought that it was my right to get answers, he was very rude, very rushed and told me that he had little time because he had to get back to his work. He ignores my calls for 5 days, and he is upset with me?! This guy is very strange! I truly felt uncomfortable with him (he creeped me out). He came across very strange with me. I should have insisted on seeing one of the other Doctors, but he obviously did not want that to happen. On one or two occasions, my wife came with me and she felt the same way. I cannot recommend this physician. I have had 5 doctors over the past 48 years, and I HAVE NEVER come across someone like this. Very strange experience. Bottom line, I will never see Dr Antony Katz from Paradise Family Medicine again. There are 100’s of good family doctors in Phoenix, I am not sure why I stayed with Dr Katz for so long. Very disappointed IN Dr Katz and i was very surprised with the way he treated me; very unprofessional!

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Address: 11209 N Tatum Blvd Phoenix, Arizona United States of America


Phone: (602) 494-5155

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