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Complaint: I would not recommend Dr. Paritosh Dutta and the Dallas Asthma and Allergy Center for your allergy treatment. I had set-up an appointment and spoke with the receptionist named Lee. I asked her if she could mail me the new patient forms I needed to fill out so I would not have to fill them out at the office. She acted like it was too much trouble for her to do it but she said she would. Well I never received the forms and when I showed up for my appointment, Lee was at the check-in window. I told her I thought she was going to mail them. She said she didnt have time and handed me the forms to complete. I finished completing them and gave them back to her. I then waited and waited for about an hour and was never called to see Dr. Paritiosh Dutta. Finally I told her I was leaving as I had waited an hour and I had been the only patient there the whole time. Didnt see another patient in the lobby the whole time I was there nor did I see any patients leave the office; I dont know why I had waited an hour as I had been right on time. As I had already turned in my patient info forms to her, I requested them back since I was not going to be a patient here and the forms had all my personal and medical information on them. She refused to give them back to me! I explained to her that I was not a patient, did not see the doctor, nor was I coming back and they had no right to keep my information. Lee refused. I left and later called and left a message for Dr. Dutta to call me. He called me back and I explained to him that I was refused my medical paperwork and that his office had no right to keep them. He started arguing with me in his heavy middle-eastern accent, which turned into a profanity-laced tirade. The more he yelled, the more agitated he became and yelled even louder.I could not believe a doctor would use the kind of language that he used, especially to someone that had tried to be his patient. I ended up hanging up on him rather that listen to his profanity. I would certainly not recommend Dr. Paritosh Dutta and the Dallas Asthma and Allergy Center to anyone. There are reviews on Google reviews where other prospective patients report Dr. Dutta yelling at them too.

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Address: 16901 N. Dallas Parkway, Ste 206 Addison, Texas United States of America


Phone: 972-250-4016

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