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Complaint: We purchased a car through drivetime in 2004. It is a 2003 Daewoo nubira- At the time the sales manager advised us that there was no kelly blue book value for it and that it would “probably appear”” in a couple of months. Well we have waited and nothing has appeared. We called them back a few months after and they advised that we should base it on a 2002 Nubira yet we are paying for a 2003??? Well as it stands the car requires full coverage. The insurance company also will base it on a 2002. If tomorrow 6/21/05 the car is totaled it would only be worth about 4700. According to kelly blue book. Yet after financing we would be paying out about 20

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Address: 000- If we take it to get an oil change the use 2002 parts because there are no 2003. If it had any mechanical problems (major ones) they would never be able to be fixed. We have called Drivetime numerous times and they have given us a run around. Some have hung up on us others just don’t have an answer One guy from there called us and said that if the car is totaled and the insurance company left us owing 6000 they would waive it and only have us pay 500 towards it. but only if we got a new car through


Phone: you guessed it “”Drivetime. I have never missed a payment with them and just want this situation resolved. In closing I feel that the company has commited fraud by selling an automobile that is “”non-existant in the US. I would appeciate any assistance you can provide with this matter. If you are suing let me know I’m in. Isabel Orlando

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