Dwayne Morgan


Tenants were so nice when wanting to rent my house and did OK for a while. Tenants in their second year began violating their lease to the point of forced eviction. Paid their rent but did the following. Painted the inside of the home when instructed No by their landlord. Now half the interior has to be repainted. Did construction in and on the home when forbidden by their lease not to. Operated a salvage car repair business with salvage cars parked all over the yard when lease forbids them doing this. Butchered the landlords natural forest clearing and cutting trees on the property then covered the land with recycled asphalt. Placed an unapproved garage on the property knowing their lease was clear that any structural improvements became part of the residence. After being served Eviction papers the Morgan’s removed the building in violation of their lease leaving the property mutilated and a 30 x 85 foot clearing in the property covered in asphalt killings which will likely pollute the well for the property. | Left auto parts all over the yard and trash in the yard. A bedroom ceiling fan was removed and it’s location remains unknown. Removed the rear safety guard from rear sliding doors and cut a hole in it damaging it. Refused a home inspection blocking the landlord from entering his own property. Brought in a cat to the home without approval and in violation of their lease. Friends of the Morgan’s threatened and harassed the Landlord during an attempted home inspection. Another friend by the name of Bryan Derrickson barraged the Landlord with threats on Facebook as well as defamed him on his Facebook page. Mosoyna Morgan refused house inspection and flipped off the landlord when attempting a home inspection after given 24 hours notice. The Morgan’s are still occupying the home in defiance even though their lease has expired and their paid dates to live there have expired. Warning to all Landlords about these people. They claim to be from Texas but have been in the area so they claim for the past 16 years but still have Texas plates on their cars.

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