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Dylan Sigley- 2020’s Another Nightmare

Dylan Sigley is a dropservicing guru with a convincing story that can fool even the most cruel skeptics. On his Quora profile, he claims that he grew up broke, while working on his mother’s farm house (he likes to call it a house on a farm for sympathy points). He graduated in the hopes that he would get a job and will live a good life. However, he suddenly realized that he did not want an average life like you and me, he wanted something more. Before you think he became an entreprenuer and worked his @ss off, don’t get your hopes up, because he became something much worse, a self-help guru.

What I think really happened was, Dylan had a horrible GPA because the guy didn’t put in real work into his studies. And he actually didn’t just “suddenly realized” he didn’t want a job, he actually couldn’t ever get one. Well, let’s continue on with Dylan’s amazing story:

He claims he got a 6 figure online business in 1 year, and that too while working only 5 hours a week! Smells like a fake guru to me. And after a few years, he started teaching other people about starting Dropservicing companies.

I love the paragraph down below, its form his Quora Bio:

Dylan claims that he has travelled the world and basically earned hundereds of thousands of dollars in one year. If you still believe this BS, then don’t worry, there’s a lot more to uncover.

DropShipping Blueprint- A Waste of Money:

Official Website Homepage of DropShipping Blueprint by Dylan SIgley
Official Website Homepage of DropShipping Blueprint by Dylan SIgley

Dylan Sigley’s Dropservicing Blueprint is a total hoax product! My friend actually bought it and below is his review:

I just wasted a $1000!! You remember I bought that course online from a guy named Dylan? It turns out he’s a fraud.

That piece of trash lies! He claims to offer a 30-day money back guarantee but that’s a big hoax. His customer support is horrible. When I bought that course I had no idea he would be a scam.

The course is filled with nonsense. Most of the time, he keeps talking about the internet and the benefits of running an online business. He claims it is a blueprint but it is not. It’s just a bunch of videos filled with useless information. He has shared a little bit of information here and there, but that’s not something you can’t find on Google.

I thought I would get to learn something unique and detailed. After all, I had spent a THOUSAND DOLLARS! But all my money just went in the drain.

I had contacted his customer support a few days after buying the course in the hopes of getting a refund. His customer support didn’t reply!

I kept requesting them through email and call but I didn’t any responses. I’m telling you XXXX, Dylan is running a scam.

He claims to offer a money-back guarantee but when his customer support doesn’t exist, that guarantee is useless. He is clearly lying to people there. For a thousand dollars, his course isn’t worth it.

Don’t buy this course.

– Source my friend’s email

AVOID The DropServicing Program !

Imagine my position when I received such an email from my friend. My friend is a struggling professional who lost his job due to this pandemic. So he thought he would use this time to learn some valuable skills and become an entrepreneur.

He was looking for a course to learn a new skill and that’s when he came across Dylan; he is among the multiple people Dylan is scamming everyday.

My friend was already struggling financially, the added loss of $1000 made his situation worse.

Dylan is scamming such people everywhere. These people expect to learn something valuable and spend their hard-earned money but in reality, they are just becoming a victim of a scam.

Dylan thinks he can get away with scamming people online.

Here’s the checkout page of the DropServicing Program:

DropServicing Program Checkout Page

Hidden Disclaimer!

Sneaky little disclaimer in the footer of the drop servicing blueprint website
Sneaky little disclaimer in the footer of the drop servicing blueprint website

You know what this disclaimer is? It’s Dylan’s way to tell your lawyer that he cannot be held responsible if you don’t like his course or if you don’t make the “six-figures” from his course. I don’t have any problem with a disclaimer, but, this disclaimer is cleverly hidden in the footer of the website. And Dylan does not share this disclaimer in any of his ads, because he doesn’t want you to see it! He is a scammer, but still a smart one, this disclaimer gives him immunity against lawsuits.

Shady Owners of Dropservicing Blueprint!

Dylan Sigley isn’t the only owner of Dropservicing Blueprint. Kevin Trang provides the main funding to Dylan to run his scam. Keivn is a shady character. There is literally no information about him online!

The owners are based in some other place out of the country. This means, Dylan’s company isn’t really regulated in the US or in New Zealand.

All the mentions of Monavo Sarl & Kevin are hidden from the layman’s eyes which is a big red flag! Dylan’s ulterior motives are clear, he wants all the money and no Accountability!

That’s why he can run this scam without worrying about any legal repercussions. When the going will get rough, his silent partner will deflect all problems away.

Dylan’s company is an offshore and shady one. This fact alone should be enough for you to avoid him and his course called Dropservicing Blueprint

Monavo SÓrl and Kevin Trang

Social Media & Dylan Sigley

Online scammers try many strategies to get their victims. Dylan uses social media. He gets paid followers, runs ads, and tells lies everywhere to make people think of him as a trustworthy expert.

In today’s world, people check an influencer’s credibility through his/her followers. and Dylan knows this. That’s why he is spending a ton of money on accumulating fake followers and promote his products on these social media platforms.

However, not all platforms have the option of ‘buying followers’. That’s why Dylan seems to lag in some places. I’ve listed out every social media platform where Dylan is promoting his sham company, Dropservicing Blueprint.

Facebook Page

Dylan has a Facebook page with a locked community for the users of his program. His page has only 680 followers! He only shares links of his videos here to get any traffic he can from here. He is abusing the platform and thus he doesn’t have any respectable following here.

Dylan's Facebook page
Dylan’s Facebook page


On Pinterest, Dylan’s following is terribly low. He only has 12 followers there.

Another reason for him to have a very small number of followers could be his lack of focus there.

Pinterest isn’t much popular among fake gurus for attracting customers.

Sigley's Pinterest
Sigley’s Pinterest


YouTube has one of the biggest audiences in the world. Dylan tries to capitalise on this through his channel there.

His channel has nearly 7,000 followers, which is quite a huge number. It can make anyone think he is a reliable and trustworthy professional.

However, most of the videos present on his channel are clickbait, which means they have a convincing thumbnail but the content of the video is unrelated.

Dylan Sigley is Misusing Quora

Dylan is trying to use every social media platform out there to get customers. Quora is one of them.

On Quora, Dylan is using a very shady marketing tactic.

He writes answers to people’s genuine questions and fills them with promotions. He would talk a little bit about the person’s question and then push his program onto them.

You can see in the screenshot below how he writes a little fluff and then starts promoting his program.

Fake Instagram followers

You probably didn’t believe me when I said that Dylan has bought fake followers. But I have proof.

In the screenshot below, you can see that Dylan has more than 2,400 followers on Instagram.

However, his posts only get around 50 likes on average. For an account with more than 2,000 followers, that number is quite low.

Such a thing usually happens when an account has fake followers. Fake followers can’t like or comment on posts, that’s why there remains a staggering difference between the likes of an account’s post and its number of followers.

Dylan Sigley Review Conclusion:

It must’ve been obvious by now, Dylan Sigley is running a scam under the guise of being an online guru. He claims to teach a skill that would make you rich, but he is only capitalising on the fears of uncertainty people have due to the pandemic.

Dropservicing Blueprint is just a sham with no real value. It doesn’t teach anything to the person and is a total waste of $1,000.

You shouldn’t waste your money on that product.

I wanted to expose the scam of Dylan Sigley and that’s why I wrote this Dropservicing Blueprint review.

My friend has been struggling financially since he bought into Dylan’s scam and I don’t want anyone else to suffer like him.

That’s why I’ve shared this review here. Please don’t make the mistake my friend made, stay away from Dylan Sigley and his shady course.

Links Dylan Sigley doesn’t want you to visit:

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