Economy Hotel Macon Review


I am a person that is big on respect. My 90 days at the hotel, I was scarce. Stayed pretty much to myself, and cleaned this roach infested room constantly. | I do admit they TRY to keep the hotel up to par. However, my experience was especially difficult. Aside from the blood stains on the wall, the roaches, they run the hotel much like a prison. | It’s a HOTEL! They reserve the right to throw you out for little or no reason at all. No refunds. They do routine cell/room inspections. You will be thrown out if its not up to THEIR standards. | Must pay for Internet, microwave, and fridge. | Microwave was leaking radiation and I got sick. They did NOTHING. | Now as a clean person who was rude to NOBODY, I suddenly noticed that the workers were avoiding me. | I later found out that the MANAGER, diondre Harvey PUNISHED an employee, saying that I made a complaint… which I DID NOT. | The manager alleged that I complained that the worker, was not smiling BRIGHT ENOUGH. The manager did this to intentionally make my stay at his location a rough one.

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