EF Educational Tours Complaint


After months of telling EF that I would be coming on tour in a wheelchair and with a walker, they said ok and they would make it work out. I might have to take taxis and I was financially ready for any additional charges. I received a phone call the day before departure from an EF manager who questioned me for over an hour discussing my attitude, willingness to take multiple taxis, and understanding of what would be expected of me. He was satisfied with my answers and my plan for who would be helping me. Now we are on tour and now EF is concerned I might fall and they want me to be safe (we don”t want you to fall as sue us) so the manager calls me back and now my plan wasn”t ok and they were so concerned with my health. Despite pre-tour approval now it wasn”t ok and the manager told me I would have to go home. My Girl Scout troop was hurt and very angry. What a great experience for them after working three years to earn the money to go on tour. I am not saying don”t use EF, just beware that they don”t honor what they say and they are not friendly for disabled people… Wonder why the ADA doesn”t look into their practices.

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