Elavon Complaint


Count me among the pissed-off masses of Elavon/Ladco Leasing and their unbridled greed. I never got a copy of what I signed, not from the sales rep, nor from Elavon despite 3 requests. Ladco said there would be a $5 fee. They have been billing my account $42.02 every month for so-called “software.” I asked about buy-out and they quoted me some $1300 or $1500. The software that I am “leasing” seems to be something I don’t need. Even so, there are so-called “better” plans available thru Costco Merchant Services. There is also a QuickBooks plug-in available for $76.00. I found an Elavon payment gateway for $50 online. Their “premium”software known as ViaWARP can be purchased for $200. This is one big gigantic ugly humongous rip-off. I’m now trying to get out of this *** mess and will fight it. Sign me up for any class-action lawsuits out there.

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