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My 13 yo son has been playing EA Sports FIFA 14 on X-Box 360 and Sony Play station 4 (PS4). On multiple occassions he has been approached by other gamers to either sell, transfer or wager on game players. Gamers accumlate “coins” (essentially game money) and top notch players can be very expensive. In turn these “coins” can be transferred into real currency (there are multiple on line sites that offer cash for coins). The problem is that kids are being suckered, bullied or tricked into relinquishing their coins (which are truly expensive) as well as their top notch players by these con men. Early this am my son was playing on PS4 when he was bullied into giving up 3 players to online gamer FifaBeast007.In turn those players were converted into coins which may have been sold for money to fifacoinzone.com. He told my son that he owned this web site. My son tried to contact this site but received no response. I personally tried to complain to Sony and EA Sports but became frustrated with their inability to adequately handle this type of complaint. I know this problem must be widespread since scamming with all types of disguises occurs on a regular basis with this game. At this point I wan’t my son to stop playing FIFA 14 given all the real money that has been lost to these scammers! Please make people aware of this scam which I have not seen previously reported.. I demand Improved Awareness and monitoring byEA Sports, Microsoft and Sony. Use with caution

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