Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani Complaint


A fcuking ### Italian has sold me some Emprio suits an jackets. He said he”s heading home to Italy after a trade fair and he has some with some samples, which he doesnt need. He even showd some catalogue. I shoudl have been more wise… He offered me 2 coats for free, if I buy the suit. I chekced the quality, which was not too bad, but I havent checked the branding, and the the overall outlook. That was a huge mistake. I looked for some other coats and jackets, altogether 2 suits and 4 coats, so overall 370euros have gone. Hopefully I can backup some by selling those to someone. Learning: DO NOT EVER EVER EVER buy anything, which looks VERY VERY VERY good. That IS THE TRICK. Especially DO NOT BUY ANYTHING on the street. Buy Emporio Armani in the shop. I wish to that Italian ### to spend all that money to his childrens” useless chemotheraphy. Ive never beaten anyone yet, but now I feel, I could kill him now.

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