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Complaint: During the divorce between Dr. Anne E. Borkowski and Robert J. Skertich Steve Komie, the slimy and unscrupulous lawyer representing Dr. Anne E. Borkowski offered Enrico Mirabelli a bribe to throw the case. Here is what happened. Enrico Mirabelli, a founder of the law firm of Nadler, Pritikin & Mirabelli was approached by Steve Komie. When this bribe was made Enrico Mirabelli was then compelled to report this devious infraction to the Bar association immediately. Because he is good friends with Mr. Komie he said he would not do this. He told his client, Robert that, This type of offer is made often behind closed doors. I respectfully call your attention to the information and allegations presented herein as well as to your Oath of Office, and to the absolute duty to report misconduct of judges and attorneys under Illinois Supreme Court Rules, which rules mandate an investigation of the allegations herein. [Code of Judicial Conduct Rule 63 (B)(3)(a) and/or Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 8.3(a)&(b); See Endnotes.] Further, the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern District opinion entered on November 1, 2005 in Case No. 05 C 0283, Golden and Golden v. Nadler, Pritikin & Mirabelli, LLC, et al, stated in pertinent part, The court notes that Illinois attorneys have an absolute duty to report misconduct of other attorneys. See Skolnick v. Altheimer & Gray, 191 Ill.2d 214, 226, 730 N.E.2d 4, 246 Ill. Dec. 324 (2000) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] We are now asking: How does Enrico Mirabelli a Partner and founder of Nadler, Pritikin & Mirabelli and an officer of the Illinois Bar Association not adhere to this ethical standard? Mr. Mirabelli’s client started with almost $ 4,000,000 and is now $ 500,000 in debt because of his sloppy and we believe deliberate actions. Mr. Marabelli self promotes his image as this Attornet to the Stars but in reality, look what this crooked lawyer is capable of. He has never responded to any of these accusations.

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