Fanya Young Esq. San Francisco California


Complaint: This is an attorney that advertises on craigslist. There are warnings all over cl about scammers asking for the wiring of money via Western Union. This attorney states she will take credit cards or PayPal and will trick you into sending Western Union transfers instead. The reason being ,you have no protection with Western Union. With credit cards and PayPal you can file disputes if the attorney doesn’t do what is promised. Which of course was my experience with this attorney. She was paid for a court appearance with Western Union, never showed up and then used lawyer double talk to try to explain why she didn’t show up. Since I can’t file a dispute with Western Union, all I can do is warn others about how I was ripped off.

Tags: Lawyers

Address: 22568 Mission Blvd Hayward, California United States of America


Phone: (415) 891-7911

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