Fast Track Auctions – out There to Cheat and Fraud


The name itself suggests that they are fast in service providing but are all the faster getting themselves to the right place.? This birds eye review which made me look for them made me regrets my decision even today. I read and I called to it. All I knew I wanted the best price of what was so valuable for me but what these guys were concerned for was only money and the number of commissions together with fees that they can extract from us. Lavish hotels, high clients but all fake. All they needed was my property to be sold out at such low price. All were booked and was meant to Fraud an open eye. How can even trust someone I donít understand for sure and on being asked then money back all we hear is sorry Mam we are done here. Hope to see you soon.

Why would I go to them again even after knowing what they did to me? I am one of the cheated customers of this service provider who are out there meant to cheat and fraud and what not. All I care for now is, I was cheated but not all can and if this on the review can make any difference, guys please back out before itís too late. Donít trust them. There are better ones out there, go to them and make them show they can get you. Possibly they will charge you high but their service will be best. Go for them instead of Fast track auctions and never trust any review out there on Birdeye which makes you doubt for the real ones and trust the fake. They will never be of any use and will only be there to take you away from what you need and make you pay extra.

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