FatCow pulled their biggest scam in 2015?with their Malware scam. They had so many sites being compromised my malware that they had to have a SiteLock person in their office to handle all the complaints. The worst of it was, not only did they shut down the ?attacked? site?but my other site also that had no malware. SiteLock charged $55 to remove malware ($110 for both) and put site back up?AND this was for 1 month, you had to continue service (I did not after one month). I was suspicious since there were so many problems at once?and their were SiteLock personnel in FatCow?s office conveniently. So I checked and sure enough FatCow and SiteLock are owned by the same company IPower: blog.sitelock.com/2009/…
There other options?several are free on Word Press.There are over a dozen videos on how to protect your WordPress website.
Fat Cow has not given me good service. I have had issues?and it was always my fault? They finally admitted it was not, and did give me a credit. However, I sent hours of frustration and having to redo my website.. The Customer Service reps are the worst. Out of 2 dozen calls, I have encountered only one who knew more than I do, and I am a 73-year-old grandmother.. I demand none. Stay away

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