Federal Grants Department


A few months ago I believe a person name Alex called me about that I qualified for a $9000 grant because I have no criminal records for the last 6 months. I was excited. But he said that since it’s a lot of money that I have to pay fees to receive a grant and that I will receive my grant and all of my money back like a reimbursement. I spent a total of $1250. After that he said that I have to pay $900 by July 6th for PPI (Payment protection Service) so they can so called keep the grant secured. They also sent me an email about the $900. After I was told that i knew something was up. I paid $1250 or so through google play store/Apple store cards. It will be very appreciative if y’all can get all my money back and find the person that messed me up mentally and financially

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