Firecracker Films Review


Firecrackerfims was involved in deceptive practices if u try too get on reality tv or have an idea for a tv show u have too work for free, they string you along saying well pay for expenses related to their filming and tell u they will negotiate a contract after they have gotten a lot of footage and then the producer comes and he tells u the opposite of wat u thought , u thought u would be compensated for ur time but ur not, only if ur a hit they will give it some money, they deceived my family into thinking they were getting compensated but it was all a string along,they are as ghetto as u can get rewriting the script not telling the truth and spending as little as money possible on ur life! don’t think u will get anything decent from these jokers they lie and don’t pay and all these reality tv people hope their show will be a hit but their shows aren’t worth much, don’t believe a word they say or how they will portray u u not getting nothing and its a whole lotta sh*

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