Food Basics Complaint


August 8, 2019 8;PM to 9;PM Had to return to Food Basics once we discovered that we forgot the bleach worth $2.49 cents at the counter, this was aproximately 45 minutes later, upon arrival the bleach was still there, girl cashier and a man acting as store manager refused to give me my bleach unless i drive back home to retrieve reciept from my girl friend, My girl friend was in a hurry and never was given a reciept by the cashier. My family averagely spends well over $700. a month at this store location. We will not be supporting this store anymore, over $2.49 cents, I am a middle aged man, with lots of health concerns, I save my energy for the company I run, the rest of the energy being in physical pain is not going to be wasted chasing $2.49 cents, it;s the principle of the matter that counts, this is how your staff shows me how much my business is appreciated, imagine $2.49 cents verses a mittion dollars worth of bad advertising on Google and loosing my Business for a lifetime. This is lack of common sence on your acting store managers part. [protected] Donald Lafrance feel free to call me anytime, leave a message with my secretary.

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