Forrester Survey


Looking for a job and I text a company call Forrester Survey, a secret shopper’s company. They only wanted to be contact by texting, and they said they will send me a letter with instructions on what to do, with a cashier’s check. A couple of days, I received a cashier check in the mail for $2400.00. I thought I was on my way to living a great life. They told me to take the check and cash it at my bank, then go to Walmart or Target, CVS and $500.00 on 4 credit cards. Keep the rest for myself and shop at Walmart, Target or CVS and send them a response on how does the employee’s treat their customers. Oh! They also wanted me to take a picture of the credit cards I purchase with the $500.00 on each card, front and back to them. That sound kind of strange to me, especially since the letter came from New York and the cashier check came for CA. So, I called the BBB…. Boy! I’m so glad I call them and not put that check in my bank account. At the monment i don’t have $2400 in my bank, I wouldn’t know how I would pay the bank back.

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