Forte Payment Systems Review


I submitted my application for a merchant services account back in February of 2015. Kathy Tenner of Forte responded to my request and helped me with the required paperwork. Before they submitted my account, I asked if they could match the current rate I was paying, which was 2.19% for all Visa and Mastercard transactions. It took her several weeks, but she finally came back to tell me she was able to match that rate so I went ahead and signed up. The reason I was considering Forte is that the system works with our accounting software and enables us to use ACH/eCheck transactions. After many months with them, I looked over my latest invoice and noticed a ton of “surcharges” without any explanation. The surcharges amount to approximately $400 in additional charges per month and increase my effective rate from 2.19% to well over 3%. When I called customer service I was told that it was in my contract but that my rep may have “failed to tell me”. The CSR stated that she would have someone call me back that day or the next day. That was more than a week ago and I have heard nothing since then.

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