Fountain Auto Mall Review


I bought a vehicle from this dealership that I thought would be safe. It truly was not safe at all. Of course being a car dealership they thought it would be fine to just brush it off their shoulders and leave me hanging in the wind while they sleep on a pile of money. So here is how everything went down. I had a very long day with one of my cars breaking down and ended up needing to try and find a solid daily car. Well they gave me a list of “problems” that were acceptable as I am becoming a technician, however I never signed on for what came next. I took the vehicle to Toyota to have an inspection done as I can only see so much without a lift. I got a quote for $7k worth of repairs and they said the back brake pads were new and didn’t need replacement. This is as shady as they get for a car dealership. Stay Away from these crooks.

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