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There were other postings with similar complaints and corresponding rebuttals regarding this property but unfortunately, I didnt see them until after Id moved in here. They may not be readily visible on this site. nUnit 2N showed well but as time elapsed, the poor workmanship and below-builder-grade finishes were exposed. Cosmetic repairs were made mainly throughout the kitchen and bathroom but repairs are shoddy and piecemeal. Unit should be totally gutted. nThe kitchen cabinets are cheap and were not level and/or plumb when installed as evidenced by bowing and the crookedness of the doors. Within a month of living there, the bottom shelf of one of the upper cabinets actually became UNGLUED. When I contacted one of the owners? his remedy was to send over a handyman who installed random screws for support! nI was told by the realtor that drywall had been placed over the existing walls to provide better soundproofing between the common walls however; easily identifiable noise can clearly be heard from units next to, below and above me (see comments regarding 3N). Cigarette smoke and cooking smells also permeate the structure. The paint is cheap and it doesnt appear that the walls were primed before they were painted. As the colder months set in, drywall tape seams are noticeable and the paint has separated where old cracks exist. nThe most shoddy repairs are visible in the bathroom. The plumbing is the worst. The toilet is the old tankless kind usually found in pre-war apartments. I had to call the super countless times as the water continued to run, or the toilet stopped flushing completely (the handle mechanism intermittently stops functioning), or the water valve leaked. After flushing, a back flow occurs and makes gurgling noises afterwards. Old caulking is visible behind the toilet at its base. nThe water cannot be fully run in the bathtub or sink, and at the same time, because the drainage is poor. The pipes probably need to be replaced. There are permanent large white drip marks in the bathtub where an unprofessional attempt was made at re-glazing. This past summer, both buildings (3 and 5) had a serious roach infestation due to the lack of proper garbage disposal by the residents. The compactor room on each floor is now locked so garbage and recyclables must be brought down to an open area directly across from the mailboxes. Comically, I noticed handwritten notes being posted in the “refuse area”” informing shareholders of the proper manner to sort the garbage and recyclables (how were they doing it before???). nSix months after living there

there was a leak in the bathroom ceiling where disgusting shower waste water was coming from the unit above me

3N. Two months after that

the toilet overflowed in the same unit above so again

disgusting water leaked into my bathroom but this time via the visible hole around the heating pipes which run between the apartments. nIn January

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