Fred Meyer Complaint


Absolutely no selection in women”s apparel. I was told that you purchase apparel one year ahead of time and you purchase according to what is currently “trending.” Well none of your black jeans, your blue jeans, your grays, your maroons trends with me. I used to shop all the time at Fred Meyers for clothing. No more. You haven”t had a skirt in the store for I don”t know how long. Women still like skirts, you know? Or maybe they just aren”t trending. There is not one mirror on the floor in this store so I can”t hold a piece of clothing up to myself in front of a mirror to see if I even like it. I have to go all the way to the dressing room, get a number, and hold the item up to myself in a dressing room. I was told that mirrors were eliminated because the racks are so crowded that sometimes people accidentally break the mirrors and that this has become a safety issue. Really??? This has never been an issue in any department store that I can remember. There have always been full-length mirrors for the customer”s convenience. I tried to buy tights here for winter wear. All that was available was black, with maybe two beige items. One of the black tights was patterned. This site used to have lots and lots of different tights in a wide variety of colors and patterns and I used to buy 2-3 pair each year for winter. No longer. There is nothing left. No selection whatsoever. I will not be looking to purchase any clothing at Fred Meyers in the future, which is disappointing because I used to purchase the bulk of my clothing at this store and could always find something that I liked.

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