Fun Times Travel SACRAMENTO California Review


Attended a travel seminar in Sacramento, California conducted by Southwest Travel which came with the promise of free roundtrip air anywhere in the U.S. plus 2 nights hotel and a $100 dining certificate. At the end of the seminar we were presented with a claim certificate to send into to Fun Times Travel of Philadelphia, PA which required a $98 money order payment for processing. One month later I received in return a “Reservation Request”” form and a $100 card which is redeemable at participating restaurants that require accompanying cash purchases in order to use small denomination certificates of $5


$25 each. In effect

I paid $98 for $100 worth of restaurant discounts. The Reservation Request form limited travel destinations to five U.S. cities. I decided to bail out of this scam after calling Fun Times Travel where a representative informed me that I would need to send in an additional $296 in fees to cover undisclosed hotel and airline commissions and taxes. This company promotes themselves as a travel incentive company but they are no more than a mill to generate dubious fees and commissions from unsuspecting would be travellers.”

10871 Bustleton Avenue, Suite 226 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

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