Game Loot Network Review


Gameloot Network terminated some of my friends after my friends built an organization. Then they stole their downline and refused to pay their commissions. | I saw the termnation email they were sent from GameLoot. | They were simply told that they probably didn’t do anything wrong but someone in their upline may have. | However, you are terminated and you will not be paid. | My friends were not given an opportunity to ask questions. They were not given an opportunity to defend themselves. They called and emailed the company many times asking for an explanaition but GameLoot remained silent. They never answered one time. | The downline was compressed up to the top guys in the company. | Either the GameLoot Network compliance person is a complete idiot or the company is just greedy. | They should have given these guys a chance to explain themselves. | There are too many good companies out there. Why choose this looser? | Go find an ethical company is my advise.

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