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Complaint: I have been a tenant here since January 2016. When I first moved into the Gateway ll complex, not even half of the apartment units were filled. I am not sure what happened here but these nice new apartment/homes have turned in a dump very quickly. You walk around the complex and not only do you see trash everywhere but you also see dog poop on sidewalks and the smell of smoke/marijuana fills the air throughout the complex. The complex/units are infested with ants/mice. There is an exterminator on site 3 days a week! So obviously he is needed that often otherwise he wouldnt be here and both my neighbors had to get there place exterminated for ant infestation. The 6 speed bumps per level is a joke, and it doesn’t slow anyone down. People drive through the garage even faster now like they are in a 4x! Tenants are reporting (on other sites-yelp) that they are having packages stolen. The annoying, ear piercing fire alarms constantly go off. My neighbor talked to one of the fireman the last time the fire alarm went off and he told her…..”Do you realize that I have been out here over 15 times this year? (and since that was said

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Address: 5 more fire alarms have gone off) and he (fireman) continued to say that there is a public log of all the times and dates that fire alarm sounds off and we as tenants should go to the city and get a copy of the log and complain to upper management/Corporate since the on site management isnt correcting the issue.”” I get that but what a hassle for us/I to have to do that…..AT OUR HOME!? Where management has security putting flyers on every apartment units door (constantly)when something is going on. (construction

Website: this is so sad because I have lived in another Irvine company apartment complex in Newport Beach and it was NOTHING like this place. It was so nice and management knew what they were doing. They knew how to resolve issues and get it handled quickly (unlike here).”

Phone: etc) That looks trashy and management is doing it! Shame on them. There are other ways….like the mass texts they send out at other times on other issues or even put the flyers in our mailboxes!!!! This would never happen at a home! Also when there are games

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