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Took my car in for an alignment four months ago at the Palm Bay location 6/21/19. Recently discovered driver’s side front tire is worn on the inside. | After calling and speaking to one of the managers, I took the car back in for a recheck at the corporate location in Melbourne. I decided that they should know about a poor quality job done at one of their other locations. | There I was given several reasons why it wasn’t their fault. One reason was a worn ball joint on the passenger side…which was not loose…and didn’t show tire wear (does that make sense?) The other reason was that my tie rod ends were TOO TIGHT. Yes, you read that correctly. | Bottom line: Here’s how I know they were lying to my face…the entire front suspension is new. THAT’S why I took the car in for an alignment in the first place. It’s what you do after replacing worn suspension parts! Magically after 4 months my entire NEW suspension is so worn that the alignment is shot. | At that point I told them to take the car off the rack, I didn’t trust them to touch the car. I’m currently trying to get a refund, but if corporate is willing to lie to my face, how much success do think I’ll have with that?

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