Georgia Natural Gas Co Review


Had Gas service disconnected over 24 hrs after bill was paid. Was told by company rep. that would not be disconnected. When called back was told sorry since I was a prepaid customer would have to pay next months bill but could have turned back on even though was told would not be disconnected. So called back in was told sorry again and if i paid the november 22,2014 bill would have turned back on .after confirming payment 10/31/2014 was told again I am sorry the first availible turn on date is 11/04/2014. I told rep not eceptable going to be 33 degrees or colder tonight and tommorrow night, and with no heat or way to cook. needed it on that it was an emergency, I have 3 children and a disabled wife at home . aAnd the youngest one had been sick due to a very bad cold as well as beeing asmatic.After talking to supivisor was told I am sorry again. This is the worst customer service i have ever heard of and i am pretty sure they would have the same concern if they had small children. Who ever is in charge of this company should be terminated. This is unexcusable. .

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